A sophisticated insurance technique for international corporations


Multinational risk pooling is a sophisticated insurance technique available exclusively to international corporations. This proven method allows you to draw added value from your employee benefit plans around the globe.

By building a virtual portfolio, you can unlock the power of risk spreading and gain important information, underwriting benefits and potential cost savings from your global insurance plans. 

Pension benefits Netherlands 3 steps scheme

The Benefits

  • Transparent annual reports on your employee benefit plans worldwide enabling you to monitor and control costs, claims and benefit levels
  • A broad range of modular options – letting you customize your international programma to your requirements and risk profile
  • Inclusion of all employee benefit risks helping to optimize the performance of your programma
  • Potential international dividends ensuring cost savings on your insurance coverage globally
  • Advantageous underwriting conditions available offering comprehensive coverage and convenience
  • Direct calculations for Dutch pension plan

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