Trackrecord 44% Profits


The market-leading track record of Multipool (Insurope) profits is impressive over the long term. See for yourself.

Multipool is a multi-employer pooling arrangement protected by a stop loss system, in which losses in the overall multinational account in any year are automatically cancelled by the network of the insurer. A risk charge is applied. Due to the large number of companies participating in small groups pool this charge is relatively low. On the other hand, within a pool, deficit results from “other” companies are first offset before arriving at an overall surplus result.

Insurope: Average dividends payable from Multipool, since its launch, run at a 44% average payout of own positive results, over the lifetime of this pooling product. Over good years this can represent as much as a 17% reduction in risk premiums.

This is a healthy reduction in costs and increasing profits for any multinational group, however big or small. Since its inception Multipool has paid dividends in almost all years. (Source Insurope)

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