A sophisticated insurance technique for international corporations


Multinational risk pooling is a sophisticated insurance technique available exclusively to international corporations. This proven method allows you to draw added value from your employee benefit plans around the globe.

By building a virtual portfolio, you can unlock the power of risk spreading and gain important information, underwriting benefits and potential cost savings from your global insurance plans. 

Pension benefits Netherlands 3 steps scheme

The Benefits

  • Transparent annual reports on your employee benefit plans worldwide enabling you to monitor and control costs, claims and benefit levels
  • A broad range of modular options – letting you customize your international programma to your requirements and risk profile
  • Inclusion of all employee benefit risks helping to optimize the performance of your programma
  • Potential international dividends ensuring cost savings on your insurance coverage globally
  • Advantageous underwriting conditions available offering comprehensive coverage and convenience
  • Direct calculations for Dutch pension plan

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The desired level of pensionpooling control


The mobility of researchers is a driver of excellence in research. However, researchers face many difficulties in preserving their supplementary pension benefits when moving between different countries. To overcome this problem, the European Commission is supporting a consortium of employers, through Horizon 2020, in creating a single European pension arrangement (RESAVER) that will offer a defined contribution plan, tailor-made for research organisations and their employees.

RESAVER will be savings product that will enable mobile and non-mobile employees to remain affiliated to the same pension vehicle when moving between different countries and changing jobs. At the same time RESAVER will lower asset management charges and provide better access to high quality investments.

Pension benefits Netherlands 3 steps scheme

Direct calculations for Dutch pension plan

In 2015 the employer consortium will prepare the ground for the effective establishment of RESAVER with the aim of transferring the first contributions as of 2016. The initiative should remove pensions as a barrier to researchers ™ mobility and contributes to the realisation of the European Research Area.

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