Gains from international experience rating


Once the international agreement is in place, an insurer measures the overall claims experience of each poolable local employee benefit contract included in your pool by balancing income against expenditure.

We they consolidate the data from all the pooled contracts and countries in your pool to produce an overall profit&loss account. By balancing any losses in one country against gains in another, they can calculate the overall experience of your company-specific pool. This is called international experience rating.

If there is an overall positive balance, an insurer will credit it to your company as an international dividend according to your instructions. On the other hand, if there is an overall negative balance, insurers will most of the time not ask you to compensate for this (unless you have opted to self-retain pooled risks). There is simply no international dividend paid for that year.

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Pension pooling – no additional cost


Employers who enjoy the benefits of an international pooling programma do so at absolutely no additional cost. All local contract conditions remain the same – or are even enhanced. The pooling network provides these special benefits to multinationals as a way of attracting more business and improving their pool results by enlarging them with new pool-able contracts.

Example Dutch Pension Plan.

The continuing growth of multinational pooling is compelling evidence that it works. The business clients know that bringing more pension contracts to the pooling network translates into more advantages and higher potential international dividends for their organisations.

It’s a true win-win situation. Participation is easy. In order to help you set up and grow your pool – and the benefits you gain from it – we will be happy to arrange for quotations on your local employee benefit plans not currently placed with pooling networks.

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Direct calculations for Dutch pension benefits

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